Sustainability Fellows

Dan Harper, Alternative Transportation Coordinator: Bikeshare Program Evaluation and Development

Environmental Arts and Humanities 

Dan Harper is an aspiring environmental arts and humanities major at Sewanee. As a sophomore from Chattanooga, TN he has grown up living with a spirit of sustainability and spends more time on a gnarly rock slab or bike than anywhere else. Sewanee was an easy transition for him, as he was able to hop on new rocks and new bikes with inspired friends at the Sewanee Outing Program, where he is a student leader. He lives in the Greenhouse, which is a sustainable living community on campus.

This 2017-2018 academic school year, Dan will be a sustainability fellow working towards initiating a bike-share program on Sewanee’s campus. Bikes bikes bikes! It's not about being fast, it's not about expensive simple machines, it's about creating a healthy and mindful community every time a bike gets you where you need to go. Trade your daily four-wheeled commute for a two-wheeled, independent ride and feel good about a healthier mind and body. The goal of the Alternative Transportation Coordinator comes in the form of a bike share program feasibility study. With these bikes on campus, students would not have to worry about being attached to a bike, and students who don't have bikes will have easy access to some with the option of hopping on a bike and getting to class on time with no parking hassle. Let's make Sewanee a happier, safer, healthier place by choosing to ride a bike, or simply taking in the sweet Sewanee air on a stroll to class.

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