June 7–July 19, 2015

The Wm. Polk Carey Summer Studies Program provides instruction to Carey Fellows in courses related to the business minor. The Carey Fellows program is an honors program within the business minor. Students may apply to be Carey Fellows in the fall of their sophomore year. Following the sophomore year, Fellows must complete two full courses offered within the Wm. Polk Carey Summer Studies Program, normally Finance I and Business Ethics. Students who have already completed one of these courses may pursue another schedule of courses within the normal summer session in consultation with the prebusiness advisor. Course descriptions for Finance I and Business Ethics are as follows:

Economics 360. Finance I
This course addresses the concepts underlying corporate finance and equity markets. Topics include capital budgeting, capital structure, dividend policy, security valuation, and efficient market theory. Prerequisites: Stat 204 and Econ 101. A student may not earn credit for this course and Econ 302.

Philosophy 232. Business Ethics
An examination of the moral dimensions of business activity, especially within the context of a democratic society. Topics may include social and economic justice, the nature of corpora- tions, corporate accountability, social responsibility, the morality of hiring and firing, employee rights and duties, advertising, product safety, obligations to the environment, and international business.

More information about the Carey Fellows and the business minor may be found in the college’s academic catalog at business.sewanee.edu.