E.L. Kellermann Language Resource Center

Arabic Table

Meets every Wednesday at 12:30 at the end of the nave in McClurg.

Tutoring Hours, Fall 2017

Bret Windhauser is offering free tutoring to all Arabic students in the Language Resource Center (Gailor 225).



Rosetta Stone

Level 1 of Arabic is available for free to all Sewanee students and staff.  When you are ready to proceed to the next level, please contact Helen Stapleton (hfstaple@sewanee.edu or 598-1468)

Mango Languages

Mango Languages is available in Arabic for free to all Sewanee students and staff.

Al-Kitaab Textbook Website

Arabic Keyboard

Connected to a Mac desktop computer in the Language Resource Center, Gailor 225

Alif Baa Quizlet Vocabulary Flashcards

Al-Kitaab Quizlet Vocabulary Flashcards