A pillar of the Wm. Polk Carey Pre-Business Program, the business minor is anchored in the belief that a liberal arts education offers the best foundation for a business career. Such an education provides a broad understanding of human behavior and institutions, appreciation of global culture and of peoples around the world, and perspectives for developing personal values and ethical standards. It also encourages the sort of creativity and flexibility of mind that business leadership demands.

The business minor requires students to take courses in economics, accounting, finance and business ethics and to elect specified courses from the disciplines of economics, psychology, politics, computer science, history, forestry, and business. In choosing elective courses, students must select one of three tracks: Managerial, International, or Finance. The Managerial track is for students who wish to concentrate their electives in courses directly relevant to the management of complex business organizations. The International track is for students who have a particular interest in international business. The Finance track is designed for students wishing to acquire a comprehensive grounding in modern finance. Finance I, II, and III cover all topics on the Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) exam and will be of special interest to students contemplating careers in finance or those who plan to take the CFA exam.


head shot of Easter 2018 Viewpoints Speaker
Global Cybercrime Expert to Lecture January 30
January 15, 2018
Greg Esslinger, C'91, now a senior executive with an international risk management firm, will lecture on January 30 about the rapidly evolving threats to businesses and individuals posed by cybercrime and corruption.
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head shot--CEO Short Mountain Distillery
Tennessee distiller to lecture on sustainability and entrepreneurship
November 6, 2017
California film and television art director, turned sustainable farmer and distiller, will speak on the lessons he's learned as an entrepreneur in rural Tennessee.
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Fraud Examiner Will Lecture on How to Protect Your Money and Your Credit
October 19, 2017
William H. Beecken, C ’70, will be the 2017 Advent Semester Bryan Viewpoints Series Speaker. Beecken’s lecture, “Trust No One Who Touches Your Money: How Fraudsters Think”
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